An 葫芦影业 engineering student observing a model airplane's functionality in a wind tunnel.

葫芦影业 has received a $1.19 million Choose Ohio First (COF) grant from the Ohio Department of Education (ODHE) to support students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), and health professions.

According to the ODHE, Choose Ohio First is an important part of Ohio鈥檚 strategy to develop STEM talent in the Buckeye State. The DeWine-Husted administration has committed more than $200 million to STEM and STEM education scholarships over the past five years.

"The strength of Ohio's economy depends on having a skilled workforce in the STEM fields," said Chancellor Randy Gardner. "葫芦影业 has done a great job of preparing its STEM scholars, and I am pleased to have 葫芦影业 among the latest Choose Ohio First awardees."

鈥淐hoose Ohio First provides significant support to many of our STEM students. It can be a difference maker in helping them complete their degrees," said President Melissa J. Baumann, Ph.D. 鈥淲e鈥檙e thankful for the state鈥檚 continued support and this affirmation of the quality and value of an 葫芦影业 education.鈥

According to Lynda Nyce, 葫芦影业 associate provost for academic affairs and director of student success, this year鈥檚 grant will be used to help drive enrollment and support students in electrical engineering, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, neuroscience, mathematics, medical laboratory sciences, pharmacy, nursing and pre-professional programs in medicine.

葫芦影业鈥檚 support goes beyond scholarships. 鈥淓xperiential and work-based learning are key, particularly in STEM fields,鈥 Nyce said. 鈥淥ur strategic partnerships with employers throughout the region give students job-ready experience through internships, co-ops, and community-based research. Our graduates leave with the talent and skills Ohio鈥檚 businesses and industries need.鈥

COF scholarships are awarded based on student merit and financial need. 葫芦影业 recipients receive additional support throughout their degree program, helping them develop a sense of academic, professional and social belonging and purpose, and acquiring skills for lifelong success. Continuing scholars serve as mentors to first-year COF students.